Liver cake cupcake recipe

Liver cake cupcake recipe

Pupcakes dog treats!

I was seeing a new client today who lives in Erskine, so afterwards I nipped into Morrisons to get some shopping and the ingredients for my liver cupcake recipe.  I’ve put my liver cake recipe already on the website (you can find it here).  But I’d been thinking if I could cook them in a cupcake tray rather than a big slab using a baking tray.  So I bought a cupcake tray for £1 and thought I may as well blog my he attempt to make … liver cupcakes!

Let’s do this!

Since I’ve put the recipe for the liver cupcake recipe on the website already I’m not gonna get into great detail about ingredients and measurements as you can find them on the original liver cake recipe.



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  1. Hi,
    So glad I’ve found your site. I’m not a good cook but need to produce something for the Church fete – I think I will be making dog ‘cakes’ instead! Do you think the ‘pup cakes’ could be made OK in paper cup cake cases – I think that would be quite fun!

  2. hi whats the shelf life on this one xx

    • Well that depends on how you store it. I freeze my dog treats but I dont have to cause I never have any last more that a few days.

  3. Sarah as long as the tins are washed it should be fine its like making cakes for ourselves really just we wouldn’t eat them LOL!!!!!!!. Or if your like me I have my things for the dogs and things for us and washed separately

    Jamie could you amend some of the recipes for us that are on gas as I have to go look see for some of them

    thanks Dee

    • Hi Dee! I’ve never had gas so not familiar with it. What differences are you finding with gas compared to electric?

  4. Wonderful recipes will be trying this next weekend for a birthday walk for some GSD friends – any way quick question – does the mixture come out of tin ok? You said you bought a new one does that mean its thrown away after? Wasn’t sure if you could use cupcake cases – not sure on dogs ability to eat them though…. I just don’t want to ruin my cupcake trays :)

    • Hi Sarah!

      I bought the cupcake tray just to try it out, but yeah they just pop out – no mess! Have fun!

      • Hi Jamie

        thank you! I did buy a crappy one just in case! But have to say 15 very pleased dogs with those cupcakes – they went down so very well! even with my GSD and he isn’t food orientated whilst out walking! So thank you I will attempt them again – when my stomach calms down lol a tad grusome making it in places


  5. I love it! I will be making these and giving them with puppies to their new homes!

  6. Haha! You’re not wrong but thankfully as long as it tastes good the dogs dont mind!

  7. Thats bad your the worst cook Iv ever seen


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