Knockmountain, Kilmacolm

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How to get to Knockmountain

The start point is the car park just off Leperstone Ave in Kilmacolm, to the South of Knockmountain.

Once you park, make your way North, there are many routes to follow form a short loop walk to a very long walk that reaches a cairn.  The cairn (the highest point) is located near Langbank and to the far north of the walk and well worth a visit for the views.

Knockmountain is a fantastic place to walk and ideal for those with dogs. It’s enormous, dog friendly, and secure with gates and fences. Once you become familiar with it, you will learn all the many different routes it has.

I’m there most days, so if you see me, say hi!

Kilmacolm car park

Photos of the Knockmountain walk

Panoramic image.  Swipe left or right.

Short drone video filmed at Knockmountain

Away from the hustle and bustle

Dog Walking at Knockmountain

This week we’re boarding Nevis for a fab week of fun and apart from his usual morning walk he also joined up for the afternoon walk with the afternoon crew which he had yet to meet.  His team mates for that walk included Mack, Wilfred, Chilli and Jack from Erskine!

Spending so much time at Erskine beach it’s nice to go somewhere else and because Nevis likes to run we visited a remote place somewhere in Renfrewshire that only a few people know about.  Knockmountain betweeen Kilmacolm and Langbank is out of the way and away from main roads.  It’s almost impossible to find unless you are taken there by someone who already knows how to get there and it’s incredibly secure for dogs.  Since so few know about it you have this massive area which is nearly always deserted, I usually never see a soul and that’s why I love it.  It’s also very, very large and you could easily do a 2 hour walk there (or more).   Just don’t ask me where it is cause I won’t tell.. oh ok then!

Right dogs, breath in that fresh air… you’ll sleep tonight!

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  1. Which car park in kilmalcolm

    • Hi Helen, sorry for the late reply, I’ve added a “get directions” button to the post that should take you right to the carpark.

  2. We visited Knockmountain today, had a lovely dog walk up to the top, views were amazing!

    • Oh cool, glad you liked it Mandy. It’s a lovely place and it’s huge. Loads of different trails takes quite a few walks to get familiar with them all but its a great place.

  3. Perhaps Bailey will see you soon

    • Yup, anytime graham

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