Millport, Great Cumbrae

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A nice and inexpensive day out with the dogs!

Today we spent the day on the Isle of Cumbrae (Gaelic for Shelter), home to Millport – Cumbrae’s only town!  It’s not far to get to Cumbrae from Renfrewshire, just a 40 minute after drive to Largs and then 10 minutes by ferry.  Ferries are scheduled every 15 minutes in summer and we were joined by lots of other visitors on this fab sunny day!

So, first thing we did was let the dogs out on to the beach to do their business, then drove around the island’s coastal road which is just 11 miles long before settling at Newtown Bay, home to the Crocodile Rock and busy with people, kayakists and cyclists.  After that we decided to get lunch at The Cumbrae Bistro and while the food was very good it was a 40 minute wait because of how busy it was – but very nice all the same.  Later we visited The Glaid Stone which is Cumbrae’s highest point at 127m before seeing the only Standing Stone on the Isle which is hidden in a small plantation.  Lastly we visited The Cathedral of the Isles – the UK’s smallest cathedral and probably Europe’s too!

Some pics…

A map of the places we visited!

The Cumbrae Bistro

Cumbrae Standing Stone

The College of The Holy Spirit

Glaid Stone

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