Boden Boo & Erskine Beach

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Walking at Boden Boo & Erskine beach

Just off the M8 (junction 30) at Erskine (next to Caulders Garden Centre) is home to Boden Boo, a nice woodland walk with paths and is well-maintained b the Forestry Commission.  It’s great for dog owners and their pets and those that like being among trees, bluebells and nature.  Erskine beach is located next to it and they both share the same parking at Boden Boo car park.  The beach, which runs alongside the River Clyde, has a long pathway and is a longer walk than the woodlands.  When the tide is out, and you’re on the beach, it’s massive.  The pathway has Mar Hall and it’s golf course on one side and on the other side, looking out, past the beach and beyond the River Clyde, you have the Kilpatrick Hills.  Mar Hall actually has it’s popular walk at Mar Hall Woods

A dog walker’s dream place

I’ve walked more at Erskine beach than I have anywhere else, and by a long way.  If you’ve ever met me, it’s most likely there.  I love the wide-open spaces when the tide is out, and able to give the public a wide berth.  For this reason, most of my dogs love the water and swimming and it’s great on a hot summer’s day for keeping the dogs cool.  It can get very busy over the summer and parking can be difficult if the schools are off and the sun is beating down.  Because it’s just off the motorway, it’s very popular and easy to get to.

I’ve walked at Boden Boo, but not as much.  It is lovely, and dog walkers do use it a lot, but the paths can be a bit confined for someone with a group of dogs.

Anyway, if I had to say where the best place to walk dogs in Renfrewshire was, it would be a coin toss between Boden Boo & Erskine beach and Knockmountain in Kilmacolm.


Photos of Boden Boo:

Photos of Erskine Beach:

How to get to Boden Boo & Erskine beach

Address: Boden Boo Car Park, Erskine PA8 6AX

Boden Boo and Erskine Beach

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