Beau meets the team!

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Dog walking with black Labrador puppy Beau!

Beau is now just over 13 weeks old and is a fab wee pup!  She started puppy classes this week and is progressing very well!  Today she came along to meet some more of the usual suspects that’ll she’ll grow up dog walking with.  For the first walk she joined up with Jay, Rory, Ronnie and Roxy.  She’s never met the lurchers before but got on great with them.  In fact Beau and Ronnie bonded straight away and I was really impressed with how Ronnie became Beau’s nanny and playmate for that walk!

Beau doesn’t seem to be bothered about the size of other dogs and since she has known Rory the longest she is quite fond of him and was keen on play and with Rory being such a good dog he would play back!  Later in that walk Jay took to playing with Beau in his funny and typical “Let’s be having it!” style!

Later in the day Beau went on a walk with Ruby, Mack, Chilli and fellow labrador Bonnie for a walk in rainy Langbank.  The weather had turned so I couldn’t really take any pics but there is always plenty to do there with loads of great smells as it’s quite a wild and undisturbed area we go to.

Some pics…

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