Bonnie takes Wilfie, Chilli and Ruffles for a trek!

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A sunny walk past Gleddoch Golf course!

Yay, it’s sunny and warm again!  This afternoon I took Ruffles, Chilli and Wilfred to Langbank where we met up with 11 year old Bonnie (the yellow labrador).  Bonnie was fast asleep snoozing when we arrived but jumped out of bed when she knew it was walky time and took all of us for a walk just past the Gleddoch golf couse and into the natural/untouched grounds that contain two ponds, a large lake and lots of wildlife.

Wilfred and Chilli have been once before when they and owner joined Ami, Chewie, Ruby, Bonnie and myself for a big group walk a few weeks ago, but for Ruffles this was his first time!  When we got there Wilfred knew where we were and was so excited and he has an amazing memory cause he knew where the ponds and lake was and for many parts of the walk he was leading us to where he wanted to go – wee Wiflie just loves the water and loves swimming!!  In fact when I arrived in Finlaystone to collect Wilf and Chilli today, Wilfie was standing in the stream waiting for his unwell owner to throw sticks for him!

Anyway, all the dogs had a great time, Wilfie got to swim many times and retrieve many sticks, Ruffles and Chilli ran around chasing each other, ol’ girl Bonnie enjoyed dipping in the ponds and sniffing and I enjoyed a nice long walk in the sun!

So after the walk was over and we got back to Bonnie’s house, I hosed down Ruffles legs and belly and let him and Chilli play in the sun which quickly dried the wee rascal off!  A great day for all of us!

Some pics…

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