Overtoun House, Dunbartonshire

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Overtoun Estate and Lang Craigs

Everyone talks to me about walking their dogs at Overtoun House.  I’m always dog walking at Erskine beach which is on the other side of the River Clyde but since today is my birthday (I’m 40 years old btw) and I took the day off to enjoy a long weekend, I thought I’d use that time off to see it for myself and see what my own two dogs and Benny thought of it… and they loved!  It’s pretty awesome, and it’s free to get in.  It was also very quiet being an ice-cold Monday morning but it was a lovely calm experience and the dogs had a great time.

Now, as far as I know, there are three places to go… the first is the small woodlands which has a burn running through it, then you can walk up the hills known as the Lang Craigs and do the circuit there and back again and if you like you can keep going and walk right up to the Kilpatrick Hills and Loch Humphrey.  But since we were only there for a couple of hours I decided to just check out the woods and do the circular path on the hills.

Overtoun Bridge: The suicide dog bridge?

Right next to Overtoun House and crossing the Overtoun burn is a stone bridge which is well known for dogs jumping off it.  Apparently according to this article, 600 dogs have jumped off and 50 have died.  Creepy!  So I made sure I kept my dogs on lead as we crossed, but I couldn’t see anything really that caused me concern except that it doesn’t have very high sides to it.

Our Trip:

We arrived and parked in the second carpark, just before the house, walked through woods, then went for a stroll through the Lang Craigs and then back into the woods before going home.  But if fancy a longer walk you can get onto the the Kilpatrick Hills and onto Loch Humprey.

Below are some pics, a map and directions.

How to get to Overtoun House

Address: Overtoun House, Dumbarton G82 2SH

Overtoun House

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