Jay and the gang!

by | Aug 2, 2012 | 2 comments

Dog walking Renfrew dog Jay in Erskine!

Jay’s been with us all this week and he’s a real laugh out loud dog! He’s opinionated, vocal and loves to get into the middle of things!  Since I stopped working in Renfrew last October I’ve walked Jay for a week or so back in March while his owner temporarily moved to Erskine.

So this week we went on a walk that I’ve never done before by taking my maximum allowed group of six dogs at one time!  It was quiet at the beach and Jay’s met all the dogs that I’ve walked before so we all had a good time.  As well as Jay there was Rory, Mack, Ruffles, Ronnie and Roxy who Jay has known the longest.  Since Tuesday onwards it’s just been Jay, Rory and the lurchers and all have had a great time at the beach!  Jay just adores the river and loves to swim to fetch sticks even though he has to put up with pack leader Rory taking them from him when he comes back to land!

Some pics of the dogs…

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Jennifer Toal
9 years ago

Jay looks like he was having fun. I love the photo of him with the lurchers, he looks like he knows hes the leader of the gang.