Friday the 13th!

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I always feel a bit nervous when a Friday the 13th comes around, it’s alright if I don’t know about it but if I do I always feel a bit apprehensive!  Anyway, no dramas today just dogs having fun in what has to be described as a reasonably nice day compared to what we’ve been having lately.

This morning before any dog walking took place I visited Beau the Labrador puppy.  Beau is a real bright spark and this week I’ve taught her to ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘leave’ plus the ‘recall’ and today I was teaching her the ‘stay’ and after just a few minutes I as able to backtrack to the other side of the room and back to Beau again without her leaving her spot!  What a good girl!

Some pics of Beau…

After I picked up Rory and then young springer spaniel Nevis (no Skye today) we headed to the beach for the first walk.  When I first started walking Nevis he was a bit wary of big dogs but after a few walks with Rory and Skye he soon felt safe.  He soon took to Skye and they became good friends but Rory showed no interest as Nevis was just a bit too small to play with.  Well, Nevis is getting bigger every time I see him and when I picked him up today I knew he was big enough to be one of Rory’s play mates and they had a great time rumbling at the beach in Erskine…
I knew Nevis was tired out when he went to sleep in the boot of the car.  After I took Nevis home I picked up my own dog Ruby and then we picked up the lurchers, Ronnie and Roxy…
Afterwards I took the lurchers and Rory home but kept my own dog Ruby then picked up Mack the westie as well as Finlaystone residents Wilfred and Chilli and took them back to the beach in Erksine.  Wilfred always heads straight to the water so he and Ruby retrieved some sticks and did some swimming and Mack waded in the water to get himself dirty then we all went for a nice walk meeting some lovely dogs…

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