Nevis and Ruffles

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A rainy dog walk

A few weeks ago I met springer spaniel Nevis (then just over 4 months old) and his owner for the first time and I had Ruffles (around 9 months old) with me.  Nevis and Ruffles took to each other straight away and had a lot of fun together and although it was only a few weeks ago, Nevis is twice the size he was then!  Ever since then, Nevis has went on different walks than Ruffles so they hadn’t met again until today when I took both of them for a walk!

For the next couple of weeks Nevis will be staying with his grandparents as his family are away abroad on a sun-filled two week holiday…lucky chappies!!  Nevis is a great pup and at around 21 weeks old he is socialised, friendly and good off lead.  Normally my own dog Ruby would join the walk too, but she’s in season at the moment so she’ll be away for a week or so!

Nevis is at that size where he can play with everyone..not too big for the wee lapdogs like Ruffles but not too small where dogs like Rory are put off.

Some pics and a video…

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