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May 13, 2011

In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes.‘ – Billy Connolly.

British weather, eh? Never know whats going on. Being a dog walker and spending most of the day outside I check regularly the weather reports, but they’re never right. The met office always displays a different forecast than the BBC (even tho they both get their info from the same source) and I have to hope that I’m wearing the right gear. There’s been so many times that the reports have said heavy rain and then no rain happens and I’m left to walk in hours wearing rainproof gear or the reports show warm and sunny weather but its rainy and cold and I’m soaked through.

Take a look at the last few days, the met office have been predicting thunder and lighting everyday for about a week now, but there’s been none. They have also predicted all-day heavy rain which haven’t arrived either – just localized showers. So I now take two jackets with me, one for sunny weather and the other for heavy rain and wear whats appropriate at the time.

I’ve noticed (maybe you have too) that the met office is very pessimistic with forecasts – they always give the worst possible report (I expect through policy). But what use is that for those who are dependent on decent weather to make a living? I don’t mean dog walkers like me who have to work in all weather, but people like gardeners, window cleaners etc????

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By Jamie Shanks

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