A walk in the rain!

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Visiting Finlaystone with the dogs!

Last walk today was at Finlaystone with dogs, Ruby, Mack, Ruffles, Chilli and Wilfred!  Since it has been raining all day I knew Finlaystone would be very quiet and it was, only the dogs and I were there which is what I like about the wet days as you can enjoy wherever you are on your own and the dogs themselves don’t mind the rain one bit… well almost all the dogs.  Chilli hates the rain and when I went in to collect her I knew she knew it was raining and therefore wasn’t too keen on coming for a walk…but she came all the same!  Although when we found cover such as a Finlaystone train cabin or shelter at the picnic area, Chilli would dart for it and I would have to pick her up and take her back on the walk!

Poor Chilli!

I had a wee dogsbody with me today who could take Wilfred for a solo walk to paradise path because of his sore feet.  Wilfred suffers from athritis so swimming in the stream is much better for his feet than walking the trails.  So with my dogsbody and Wilfred off to paradise path I took the rest for a soaking wet walk through Finlaystone where we had it all to ourselves, finishing our walk at paradise path where we would meet Wilfred and walk all the dogs home together.

Back at Chilli and Wilfred’s home we dried off all the dogs much to the relief of Chilli!

Some pics and a video below…

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