Young guns!

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The pups join Skye, Rory and Ruby in Erskine!

Beau is now eighteen weeks old and is getting quite long in the legs as she grows!  Beau is such a friendly pup and any walk she goes on she will always spend some time running back to me for cuddles and be petted!  Today she joined Nevis who is about three months older but quite a lot bigger, stronger and a pup that is experienced in the play fighting that Rory and Skye love to get into!  Nevis doesn’t get walked a set number of times a week, he’s a ‘walk when needed’ but knows the other dogs well and is very friendly with any new dog he meets!

Normally I can let Beau off the lead most times on the morning walk because usually it’s just Skye and Rory running around with Beau copying and trying to play fight with them but because Nevis joined the team today I thought that three dogs bouncing about was just a bit too much for a pup to be in the middle off so I kept Beau on the lead where she could watch at a safe distance and join Ruby at my side as she doesn’t get involved in the younger dogs rough and tumbles.

Having Nevis join the group is great as he is full of springer energy and his presence really ups the tempo giving the dogs an even bigger workout!  He gets on great with both Rory and Skye and understand how to play with them and they enjoy his company!

So let’s take a look at some pics…

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