Back at the Knapps!

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Dog walking alongside the cows!

Poor old Wilfred has arthritis and for the last week or so has had a very sore foot so it’s all about taking it easy for the 11 year old miniature bull terrier and making sure there’s very little impact on his joints.  This can be tough as Wilfred when chasing a toy on grass or in water just has two speeds – on and off!

The Knapps in Kilmacolm is Wilfred’s favourite place to visit but it is a bit out of the way so we can only visit on occasions…like today!  Wilfred loves swimming and could happily spend the entire hour in the loch.  The grass is also nice and soft so it’s not too harsh on his joints.  But it’s not just Wilfred that loves swimming, Ruby does too!

Today Ruffles returned for his first walk in over 3 weeks as their owners got married and enjoyed their honeymoon!  Ruffles has never been to the Knapps before and neither has Beau so they two joined the others for a lovely walk in Kilmacolm!

Some pics…

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