New dogs Harris and Brodie!

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Bishopton black labradors join BDWS

So these two lovely boys have just joined BDWS and were walked alongside Rory and fellow Bishopton dogs, Skye and Ruby!  Both Brodie and Harris are young, sociable and very lively dogs.  Brodie is a slender long legged working type black lab who I have known since he was a tiny pup.  Brodie is highly socialised and excellent with commands.  So too is Harris but he was born without eardrums and is therefore completely deaf.  Not long ago Harris was re-homed by his new owners who didn’t know he was deaf when he joined the family but with a lot of dedication and training he has learnt to understand sign and last weekend was featured in a national newspaper!  Well done!!

Last week I joined up with the owner and the black labs for a couple of walks at the beach in Erskine where I had Rory, Ruby and Skye and all the dogs got on well and had a nice time.  I was also shown what hand signals Harris knows and the commands Brodie understands.  So with being ready as I ever would be I picked them up for the first time today and took them for a group walk to the beach in Erskine!

I always get a bit anxious when taking a new dog out with the others never mind two dogs but it went brilliantly well and we all had a blast.  Skye adores dogs and loves it when new fun loving members join her for a walk and she and Rory have welcomed Harris and especially Brodie with open arms.  They spent the time at the beach running about, chasing each other and it was like they had been friends forever!  Harris was great and you’d think giving sign commands to a deaf dog would be difficult but he made it very easy for me and just minutes into the walk I knew that it would be a fun and problem free walk!

Some pics of today…

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By Jamie Shanks

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Brenda cattanach
8 years ago

Lovely photos and Harris what a wee star he is xxxx