Jack joins BDWS!

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Jack the West highland terrier from Erskine!

Firstly, I just want to comment on the gorgeous weather we’ve had today! I’ve waited all year and most of last for a day like this and because I spend the days outside it meant so much to me!

This week Jack joined us for the first time and so far we’ve had him out twice and he’s been great both times.  He’s met plenty of the team and gets on great with everyone.  Jack is only 8 months old so really fits in with the young ones we have at BDWS.  On Monday he joined up with Rory and Lola and I knew if anyone was going to take play with him it would be Lola and they both had a blast.  Today he met Ruffles, Beau and Buddy for a fun packed walk at the beach!

Buddy (who is just 6 months and very confident) makes friends very easily now and took to Jack in an instant and they were running around and wrestling alongside Ruffles who’s a year and a half.

When they weren’t playing with each other they also played alongside Beau who celebrated her first birthday today and she and Buddy have quite a bond going on – Buddy isn’t afraid one bit of dogs larger than himself!  When Beau wasn’t playing with the wee ones she was splashing around in the water with Rory chasing sticks and stones.

It wasn’t that busy but Jack and friends did meet some regulars which included fellow Westie’s, Lenny and Jock and Siberian Husky, Heidi and pack mate, Marley.

So a great day with a great new dog!

Some pics…

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By Jamie Shanks

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