Beau goes walkies!

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Taking Beau for her first day out!

Today was the first day that Beau was allowed out after her inoculations so I decided to take her out with me and welcome her to the big wide world that’s now ready for this 11 week old black Labrador!  Now, it was very important she didn’t get too much exercise as she’s such a young puppy and only taken on puppy friendly treks around Erskine with her new pack mates, so I had my puppy carrier with me so she could get plenty of breaks but still experience the outdoors!

First walk was with cheeky chappy Nevis the springer spaniel puppy!  Nevis is just a little older than Beau at around 22 weeks old.  He’s very friendly, lively and adores the company of other dogs and he was a good dog for Beau to meet first!  The recall training we have been doing has really paid off and I let her off lead and she came when called.  Beau never wanted to stray far from me and was just so calm and completely unfazed!!

Beau’s next walking partner was Rory and as we arrived the sunshine came out and people and dogs began arriving at the beach in Erskine.  I thought that Beau might be a little wary of walking with a dog as big as Rory but she took to Rory straight away and showed no anxieties whatsoever!  In fact, although this was all new she seemed so chilled and relaxed that people were very impressed when I told them this was her first day out!

We met quite a few people and dogs on this walk from the off and with Beau being such a beautiful puppy everyone stopped to greet her, cuddle her and pick her up!  While walking we met Linda a woman who often walks her seven dogs at the beach and Beau got to greet them!  Then we met a very good looking and young white German shepherd called Skye!!!  This dog was about 14 months old and she and the owner were walking with Linda and her dogs!  Afterwards we met a Shih Tzu and further along we met a Rottweiler.  I’ve met the Rottweiler loads of times before and know it’s friendly but the owner was keeping her on a lead cause she suffers from ear infections if she follows the other dogs into the water!

Next Beau, Rory and I went to the pebbled beach with Rory retrieving sticks I was throwing for him and Beau taking a little time to sniff around!  On the way back we met more dogs as more people arrived including another dog walker who was walking three friendly dogs!  After that walk I took Beau home and fed her and let her have a drink before putting her blanket in the car for her to sleep on while we drove to Finlaystone to meet up with Wilfred and Chilli for a wee walk through the woods!  Near the end of the walk we bumped into Beau’s grandparents who took Beau’s human siblings on a trip to Finlaystone for the day and that’s where Beau’s time with me ended as they could take Beau home!

With that walk being the last one for Beau I was really pleased with how she did today!  She’s comfortable with other dogs no matter how big they are and was very polite with all the ones she met and walked with.  She also adores people (especially kids) and was brilliant off the lead!

A real star!!

Some pics…

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