Nevis joins as a young adult!

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8 month old springer rejoins the pack!

It’s been about a month since Nevis joined BDWS for a walk and he has grown up considerably even in that short time.  Nevis is now 8 months old and while still young is now a young adult and he looks it too!  Nevis joined the pack at Erskine beach with other’s in Erskine walking with their canine friends near the old Erskine Ferry..  He knows the dogs on that walk well and just adores Skye! But then Skye is Miss Popular and get’s on with most dogs as she just wants to have fun!

Being a springer spaniel, Nevis just wants to run, play and run some more but that’s not a problem as he was walking with dogs who share the same mindset!  And of course having Nevis helped up the tempo with the other dogs so everyone got extra exercise.  So even with just an hour of play he managed to burn off a lot of excess energy and when he returned home he was relaxed and settled.

Last time Beau was kept on lead so she could watch while not getting clattered by the other big dogs, but Beau has grown enough that she can be let off lead to play with an eye kept on her.  She really is growing up fast and just loves her pack mates!

So let’s take a look at some pics….

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By Jamie Shanks

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