A walk in the sunshine!

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A sunny trip to Finlaystone Country Estate!

Yesterday’s walk at Finlaystone was a complete wash out with some horrid weather.  Today things were different!  The rain was replaced with sunshine, jackets and waterproofs were replaced for t-shirts and shorts and while most of the dogs that walked on the country estate yesterday were the same as today, Mack was replaced by Beau!

Beau is nearly 17 weeks old and growing all the time but it’s not just in size but also in her confidence and if there was any play going on she wanted to be in the middle.  She’s growing quite a bit especially in the legs.

So Beau, Ruby, Chilli, Wilfred and Ruffles enjoyed much better weather and Chilli was much happier to go out for  a walk in the sun although it wasnt that warm!  I was expecting to see quite  a few people there as the sun brings ’em out but I guess yesterdays showers must have put people off from walkin on the mud and wet grass.  Still, there were some rangers working on the pirate ship and we did meet a border collie but I dont think from the response we got that it was very friendly!

Still, I prefer it quiet, I do!

Some pics and a video…


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