Mack meets Bonnie

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Dog walking 5 of Scotland’s finest!

Last Monday’s walk in Langbank with Bonnie, Willfie, Chilli and Ruffles was such a great walk with the dogs having so much fun that I decided to do it again and this time bring along Mack.  Shame the heat wave has passed and things have cooled and clouded over a bit but at least it’s still comfortable and mild and until this evening dry!

Walking these five dogs couldn’t be easier as they all stay close and come when called, even then you rarely have to call them cause they all get on so well they stick together and make dog walking five easier than dog walking just one dog!

The walk at Gleddoch golf course is right next to where Bonnie lives so I  picked up all the dogs and headed to Bonnie’s house.  Bonnie is such a great dog!  You can arrive at her house with any new dog(s) and she’s more than happy to have them on her turf.  She’s as quiet as a mouse, walks right next to you only occasionally leaving your side to have a sniff at something or a paddle in the water and she seems to be so happy and cheery all the time with no aggression whatsover.

So it was another great walk with the older dogs enjoying taking the weight of their feet by swimming and Ruffles, Chilli and Mack all chasing and play fighting with each other.

Some pics…

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By Jamie Shanks

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